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We work with writers who are serious about becoming successful published authors. We know the publishing industry from the inside out, and can save you time, energy and frustration. We offer comprehensive writing, editing, publishing and marketing consultation. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about you

Carmen Renee Berry

Carmen Renee Berry, MSW, is a New York Times Bestselling Author who has authored 24 books under her own name and has been the ghost writer and executive editor for 12 books. Her books have been  published with HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Penguin and other independent publishers. Carmen has been featured in Newsweek, USA Today, People Magazine and hundreds of newspaper and online news outlets. She has appeared on national media programs such as Oprah, Gayle King, Sally Jesse Rafael, Montel and other national and local shows on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and cable networks. She holds a Master Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California and a Master Degree in Social Sciences from Northern Arizona University. 


Roy M. Carlisle

Roy M. Carlisle has 43 years of executive editorial experience in the publishing industry. He is especially gifted in identifying emerging writers who have become nationally recognized, best-selling authors. He has been a Senior Editor at HarperOne, Senior Editor at The Crossroad Publishing Company, Editorial Director at Circulus Publishing Group, Director and Executive Editor at the Independent Institute and has served on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Independent Book Publishers Association. He is also the Founder and former Executive Director of the Academy of Christian Editors. Mr. Carlisle holds a B.A. in philosophy from Whitman College and M.A. in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, studied counseling psychology at Santa Clara University, and taught publishing courses at the UC Berkeley and at the IBPA University.



The publishing industry is rapidly changing requiring experienced yet timely support and guidance. Areas covered include:

· Publishing Strategy Development: traditional publishing or self/hybrid publishing

· Proposal Development: identifying audience, core message and author qualifications

· Branding and Market Placement: Survey of competition and publication timing

· Author Platform Creation: Online presence and strategies to grow your readership

· Author Success Story: Fundamental basis of book message

· Book Development and Writing

· Manuscript Formatting and Submission Requirements

· Cover and Interior Book Design

· Marketing and Sales

Hourly $150 or by Project / In-Person 1-Day $1,000 / In-Person 3-Day $2,000


Coaching provides the author with instruction and support during the writing of the book. The author submits material to the coach who reviews and edits the manuscript. The coach meets with author online to provide feedback and direction.  

Rates Negotiated by Project


· Developmental Editing (Structure)

· Copy Editing (Content)

· Proofreading (Grammar, punctuation and formatting)

Rates Negotiated by Project


We provide both ghost writing and collaborative writing services. The terms “author” and “writer” refer to different roles in publishing. The author has the ideas and the platform to promote the book, while the writer puts the author’s ideas into a publishable manuscript. Starting at $35,000 / Rates Negotiated by Project



  • 1987  When Helping You Is Hurting Me: How to Escape the Messiah Trap, HarperCollins (San Francisco, CA)
  • 1989  How to Escape the Messiah Trap: A Workbook, HarperCollins (San Francisco, CA)
  • 1990  Loving Yourself As Your Neighbor: A Recovery Guide for Christians Escaping Burnout and  Codependency, with Mark Lloyd Taylor, Ph.D., HarperCollins (San Fran
  • 1992 Are You Having Fun Yet? How to Bring the Art of Play into Your Recovery, Thomas Nelson (Nashville, TN)
  • 1995  Girlfriends: Invisible Bonds, Enduring Ties, with Tamara Traeder, Wildcat Canyon Press   (Berkeley, CA)
  • 1996  The Girlfriends Keepsake Book: The Story of Our Friendship, with Tamara Traeder, Wildcat Canyon Press (Berkeley, CA)
  • 1996  Coming Home to Your Body: 365 Simple Ways to Nourish Yourself Inside and Out, PageMill Press (Berkeley, CA)
  • 1996  Who's to Blame?: Escape the Victim Trap and Gain Personal Power in Your Relationship, with Mark W. Baker, Ph.D., Pinon Press (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • 1997  Is Your Body Trying to Tell You Something? Why It Is Wise to Listen to Your Body and  How Massage and Body Work Can Help, PageMill Press (Berkeley, CA)
  • 1997 Girlfriends Talk about Men: Sharing Secrets for a Great Relationship, with Tamara  Traeder, Wildcat Canyon Press (Berkeley, CA)
  • 1998  Daddies and Daughters, with Lynn Barrington, Simon & Schuster (New York, NY)
  • 1998 Women's Rites: Girlfriends' Rituals, with Tamara Traeder, Andrews McMeel Publishing  (Kansas City, MO)
  • 1998  Girlfriends for Life: Friendships Worth Keeping Forever, with Tamara Traeder, Wildcat Canyon Press (Berkeley, CA)
  • 1998  Girlfriends Are Forever, with Tamara Traeder, Andrews McMeel Publishing (Kansas  City, MO)
  • 2000 A Friendship Meant to Be, with Tamara Traeder, Andrews McMeel Publishing (Kansas City, MO)
  • 2000  A Girlfriend's Gift: Reflections on the Extraordinary Bonds of Friendship, with Tamara   Traeder, Wildcat Canyon Press (Berkeley, CA)
  • 2001 Girlfriends Get Together: Food, Frolic, and Fun Times, with Tamara Traeder and Janet Hazen, Wildcat Canyon Press (Berkeley, CA)