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Committed to helping aspiring authors in today’s complex publishing market, Carmen provides in-depth, practical guidance about how the industry really works. Carmen shapes every presentation to specifically meet the needs of the audience. Click here to download Carmen’s Speaker Packet that can be used to present to your organization.

Make an Impact & an Income

7 Keys to Becoming a Profitable Author

Carmen share the 7 keys to turning your passion into a profitable a book. Most new authors lack the training needed to succeed. In fact, the average author in today's market makes a mere $100 in annual profit--a disappointing outcome for the investment required to write and publish a book. Learn the specific steps needed to be profitable.


What Type of Writer Are You?

Increase Your Book Sales Up to 88%

The first step in becoming a profitable author is to write a great book. Carmen reveals the four types of writers and helps participatns discover their unique writing style. Once equipped with this vital informaiton, authors can write one top-quality book after another and expand their readership as much as 88%.


3 Profitable Publishing Paths

Which Is the Best Match for Your Book?

In a rapidly changing publishing industry, it can be difficult to stay current with publishing options. Carmen provides an overview of the latest trends and identifies the three possible options to publish your book. Publish with confidence, and position your book for maximum sales.

Can't Get Your Book Finished? I Know Why.

The Curse of Creativity

Drawing on her own journey from an unknown and untrained writer to a New York Times bestselling author, Carmen reveals why it took her four years to finish her first book. After discovering the secret to quickly writing top-quality books, she authored and ghosted thirty books in thirty years. If you are having trouble finishing your book, Carmen’s insights and system will help you get your book done.


The Transformational Power of Your Story

Write a Life-Changing Self-Help Book

There is nothing like having a reader say, "Your book changed my life!" You can turn your personal success story into a self-help book that can transform the lives of your readers. Carmen will show you how to join this billion-dollar industry that shows no sign of slowing down.


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