Carmen Berry, MSW, is an experienced, warm, engaging and versatile speaker who is available to present at your women’s group or organizaton. Carmen shapes every presentation to specifically meets the needs of the audience. She is available for keynote, small groups, conferences and retreats.


Bye-Bye Burnout

Save Your Sanity in a Crazy-making World

It’s a crazy-making world! And we women are raised to care for everyone around us, giving us additional stress to manage. Drawing from her own personal burnout experience and her best-selling book, When Helping You Is Hurting Me: How to Escape the Messiah Trap, Carmen gives clear guidance on self-care, setting boundaries and making sure we women get “me time” in a homorous and entertaining way. AUDIENCE: General and Christian; FORMAT: Workshop, Half or Full-Day, Retreat


She Who Lights Up a Room

Carmen’s Adoption Miracle in Kathmandu

Inspiriational and heart-warming story of Carmen’s difficult yet ultimately triumphant adoption of a baby girl from Nepal. Expecting a two-month process, Carmen was thrown into a two-year battle for her daughter. Enduring threats of losing her daughter from corrupt officials, suffering from food and energy shortages and surviving a revolution with two weeks of shoot-to-kill curfews, Carmen celebrates the strength of the bond with her own mother, the courageous commitment of friendship and the irrefutable evidence of God’s intervening love. AUDIENCE: General and Christian; FORMAT: Keynote, Banquet, Workshop

The Miracle of More

Rediscovering the Forgotten Teaching of Jesus

Based in her own story of overcoming financial loss due to the Recession of 2008, Carmen  tackles one of Jesus’ most difficult teachings: Those who have, more will be given to abundance. Those who do not have, what little they have will be taken away. Emerging from this dark period in her life with a meassage of hope, empowerment and a clear path forward, Carmen offers a simple, yet powerful path to overcome fear and loss, and to actively engage in being blessed with more. AUDIENCE: Christian and Spiritually-open; FORMAT: Keynote, Workshop, Half or Full-Day, Retreat


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