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Keep a Body Journal

Body Awareness, Self-Care


Suddenly many movements are going on within me, many things are happening, there is an almost unbearable sense of sprouting, of bursting encasements, of moving kernels, expanding flesh.

— Meridel Le Suer, Salute to Spring (1940)

It’s easy to refer to our bodies as our possessions, beasts to be tamed and mastered. Instead, I am trying to be the student with my body as the teacher, endeavoring t understand more about myself in ways that are not easily described. Sometimes I see myself as a spy trying to crack a secret code. I long to understand the language of my body. more…

Love the Body You Have
Body Awareness, Self-Care

The body is a sacred garment.

— Martha Graham, Blood Memory (1991)

When I was a bodywork therapist, I talked with a client prior to giving her a massage. She looked down at her body and said, “I can’t accept my body the way it is. Look at me.” Her eyes met mine. “I’m over-weight and I need to change. If I accept myself, then it’s like giving up. I need to reject my body if I’m ever going to lose this weight.” more…